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Music Player with Skins

A revolutionary new way to experience playing your favorite stored music on your WP7 with beautiful user interface. Music Player with Skins app makes listening to music more pleasing with some amazingly designed skins for the joy of both your... di più

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Travel Helper (Fights JetLag)

Sitting still for long hours during air travel or conferences, muscles really get tightened up. A few quick and simple stretching exercises will help you stay loose, supple, and relaxed. It can also help avoid pain and fatigue resulting from long... di più

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An Office Yoga

Long work hours behind a desk, computer, or steering wheel makes muscles fatigue out and get tightened up. A few quick stretching exercises will help you stay loose, supple, and tension free. It will also help avoid pains of long work hours. View... di più

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Pregnancy Care (Prenatal Yoga)

!!! LEARN THE SIMPLE PRENATAL YOGIC EXERCISES TO GET ENHANCE THE FRESHNESS AND PLEASURE IN DAY-TO-DAY LIFE. !!! The benefits of practicing prenatal yoga for pregnant women are endless. Yoga increases strength, flexibility and promotes... di più

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Fitness Panacea (A Yoga Cure)

Presenting a premier collection of physical yogic exercises to remain fit and healthy, which will help you cure and avoid common diseases. Exercises are classified according to common problems. Exercises are illustrated with animated video,... di più

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Facial Yoga & Facelift

!!! LEARN THE SIMPLE FACIAL YOGIC EXERCISES TO GET RID OF FACE FAT AND GET LEANER, SEXIER AND YOUNGER LOOK. !!! View a brief video demo of application on YouTube: Facial yoga is the exercises of face... di più

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