Krashlander Free

Krashing is the fun part!

  • THIS IS THE FULL VERSION OF KRASHLANDER FOR FREE. ALL LEVELS, NOTHING MISSING NEW LEVEL EVERY MONTH! This is a physics powered game with epic crashes. You are Krashlander. Armed with only your krash-suit and a pair of skis, it is your mission to blast down snowy mountains, jump over gaping crevices, and lay some hurt on any robots you find. Don't worry, your krash-suit will protect you most the time and heal you when it needs to. Krash well my friend! If you prefer to play without ads, grab the paid version of Krashlander. Enjoy! WHAT'S NEW IN -Level #23. -Jeff Weber FOR KRASHLANDER NEWS AND INFORMATION FOLLOW @krashlander ON TWITTER. About Farseer Games: Farseer Games is a team-of-one game development company with the sole goal of making awesome, unique, and addicting games. Contact info: Email: [email protected] Twitter: @jeffweber
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divertentissimo e gratis..:D
2011-02-28 04:20 mashv
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