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  • There's a lot of buzz around the new social network Google+. Other than being from Google, what's it all about? This app well help you answer that question. You just got access to Google+, but everything seems pretty quiet. Not really what you expected? What should you do? This app is also for you! This app DOES NOT give you access to Google+ or to your Google+ account, circles, streams, sparks, hangouts, etc. This app DOES give you all the most recent chatter about Google+ happening around the web. This app DOES give you the chatter of the battle between Google+ and Facebook. What do people think about these two social networks? What's the speculation. This app DOES give you links to videos about Google+. This app DOES give you tips on how to use your Google+ account. This is targeted towards new Google+ users. This app is NOT an official Google app. It is a Google+ Fan app, made by a new user of Google+. I'm trying to figure this beast out and wanted to share my research with you. Google is a registered trademark of Google Inc.
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  • 2011-08-17 16:30
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