The Ultimate Panorama App

  • Ztitch provides an immersive panorama viewing experience. With this app, you can create your own panoramic scenes, view scenes from other users around the world, freely navigate the scene using the accelerometer, plus much more! Ztitch is a standalone panorama viewer/maker, and is not your average photo stitcher. While most other stitching apps merge images to create a larger image, Ztitch allows you to place your photos inside a 3D space so you can create full 360º panoramas that give you a "semi-3D" experience. You may also export panoramic snapshots to the phone's photo gallery, and explore the surrounding area on Bing Maps. Features: • 360º panoramic scenes w/ semi-3D effect • Create, upload, share, and explore • Save panoramic snapshots to the phone • Pinch to zoom • See it on Bing Maps • Navigate using the accelerometer • Simple drag & drop interface • Free storage on Flickr • Your uploaded Ztitch may be featured!
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Ottima, e molto ben fatta, caldamente consigliata, merita abbondantemente la spesa
2011-03-24 00:48 SolvingMaple04
Più che ottima
2011-01-29 11:27 BulkConte
2011-01-20 11:22 BulkConte
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