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  • V3.0 changes- 1. Now supports both Dharma & Eden (beta) 2. Support for Windows Phone 7,5 (background music playback, fast switching etc) 3. Misc fixes XBMC Remote for Windows Phone 7 is an application built from ground up to control your xbox media center (http://www.xbmc.org) from your windows phone 7. You can browse your entire catalog while a movie or music might be playing on the TV. It’s especially useful when you TV is turned off and you want to select Audio Albums and queue them to play on the audio receiver. Requires-XBMC Dharma server available from http://xbmc.org. Features – V2.2- •Added support for poster view in tvshows (option in settings page) V2.1 (current release)- •Backdrops when viewing movie/music/tvshows details (when available). •Ability to clear image cache •Remote left/right/up/down supports repeat presses. •album view by artist. •and few other fixes. V2.0- •View movies by genre, released year •Watched information for movies/episodes. •Recently added movies/episodes •Download songs to local device & play locally. •Integration with music + video hub (all your local songs information will be updated and app can be launched from music + video hub). •Running under locked screen. V1.0- •Ability to browse your video, music and TV show library from your phone. •Able to select and view details of movies and music albums before selecting. •Sort by album, artist, or a song and play or queue. •Currently playing media information gets displayed at your home screen with easy playback control “Play/Pause, Skip Next, Skip Previous, and Stop” •Music library lets you pivot on Albums, Artists, and Songs (and in future Genre) with a simple flick to left/right (using WP7 pivot control) •Album/Movie/TV Show details use panorama view to display relevant information. •Ability to add and manager multiple XBMC server from single application. For support, please post-http://ashterisk.wordpress.com/xbmc-remote-for-windows-phone-7/
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Un po' lento ma ottimo
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App semplicemente fantastica
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