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FreeRomantic Idea

Birthday, Name Day, Valentine's Day, anniversary of the first kiss, first meeting or another celebration......who knows what else! And it is expected that you will be romantic, ready to prepare something wonderful and unforgettable for every... more

By Fenzaj



Your future is here Calculate your and estimate your personality and soul urge from this mystical app All you need to know is your name and date of birth :P Uses ancient algorithms of astrology (and i dont take any responsibility for false... more

By Tautology studio



This application is about world's unique festivals, which describes culture & living of that particular country. more

By Sneha-Kiran



Look into your horoscope of love,career,health & finance for the year 2013 based on your zodiac signs. more

By Nishallini



Tie yourself is a real life-saver for you if you don’t know how to knot ties This universal guide will help you to tie a necktie easily and quickly. And you can find your favourite style of wearing a tie, as this app offers you 12 different... more

By H Agrawal